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Our Short Introduction

Our company is into Importing & Exporting & Processing of "Finest quality Cashew Nuts" sourced from best quality Raw Cashew Nuts available worldwide. We have vast Experience in import of Raw Cashew Nuts from countries like Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Guinea-Bissau, Tanzania and Indonesia. Taking advantage of our unrivaled and high quality cashew nut processing expertise since year 2015

Why To Choose Nakoda Agro

Highest Quality Cashew Nuts

Nakoda Agro Product is known for the quality cashew kernals nuts they produce and supply.  The cashew kernals coming from Nakoda Agro Product  go through multiple quality checks to see to it that it meets the consumer’s demands.

Filtering Process

The  cashew kernals are go through a different  processes before packing. This ensures that the kernel is in its best and healthiest stage.

Cashew Nuts Packaging Process

Due to the delicate nature of the kernel, the cashews are packed in flexi packs made out of food grade electrolytic tin and filled with carbon dioxide to take care of safety and quality.

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we are one of the leading exporters of cashew kernels in India, UAE, Africa, Indonesia European countries, Middle East and other Asian countries.

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